astronauts have been in the news lately.

first, a russian rocket crash is causing the space agencies to reconsider how to get astronauts to and from the ISS

secondly, NASA has found that it needs more astronauts

and thirdly, I recently found a fascinating article about spacesuits

one of the most interesting ways they have been analyzing/viewing the older spacesuits is with x-ray technology:

allan shepard’s apollo 14 suit

‘universal helmet’

 an apollo boot

apollo EX-1 A suit

(click on any picture to get to other awesome spacesuit pictures)


when I was in Houston, at Johnson Space Center, I was able to get a hands-on look at what the current EVA spacesuits are composed of:

(click on the image to read about how some of the layers function!)

and next on my to-buy list is this book that looks at the context for designing the apollo spacesuits:

“the author tells the story of the twenty-one-layer spacesuit in twenty-one chapters addressing twenty-one topics relevant to the suit, the body, and the technology of the twentieth century. He touches, among other things, on eighteenth-century androids, Christian Dior’s New Look, Atlas missiles, cybernetics and cyborgs, latex, JFK’s carefully cultivated image, the CBS lunar broadcast soundstage, NASA’s Mission Control, and the applications of Apollo-style engineering to city planning” (text found here)


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