{ikat aztec}

Currently, I’m loving the tribal/aztec trend in fashion. But, it’s so new that I couldn’t find fabric to make my own garments, until an ebay search uncovered ikat material.

ikat is a method of dying threads to pattern the material before weaving the cloth in to a fabric. my ikat material was made in india. it’s not a brightly colored as I expected, but I do enjoy the red tones.

{love this vintage space needle print – just the right touch of retro}

{my sister and I found ourselves at my aunt’s condo again – I just love the decor and versatility of the building lobby!}

no back shots, but the shirt reverse is just a white jersey

also – because of the way the material is woven it’s really hard to tell the right from the wrong side…and apparently I chose the wrong side….

I had wanted to bind the the shirt with the woven material, but I didn’t cut my binding on the bias (like I was supposed to) so it didn’t turn out. I also didn’t want to use any more of my precious 2 yards of material for binding, so I went with the white jersey.

{and yes, I knitted the headband as well}


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