don’t buy, DIY

so, I was shopping Urban Outfitters the other day, and ran across this item for sale:

umm….$32 for a cutoff sweatshirt?

While I’m happy to see that the deadstock they are pulling from is getting used and not going to a landfill, I can’t believe that people are willing to pay $32 (+$10 for shipping!) for a cutoff sweatshirt that may or may not be a school/logo you like.

Goodwill anyone? If I needed another sweatshirt, I would post a DIY, because really, I think this would cost less than $5, you could pick a sweatshirt you wanted, and it would take about 5 minutes to cut the neck band off. More time required if you want to wash the sweatshirt first 🙂 Or, if you’re like me with oodles of old sweatshirts – reuse one! It is always better to repurpose something than to recycle or trash it.

{just skip to ~2:00 to see how to make one yourself}

but…I guess the girls who shop Urban not-on-sale are probably willing to buy these at a higher price than a new sweatshirt? It is slightly surprising to me how many reviewers did not read the fine print before ordering – so many people returning this item because it wasn’t the school they wanted….



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