my {no. 2 pencil skirt}

pencil skirts are a fairly strong trend this fall

or really, they could just be a j.crew trend.

and I love love love j.crew.

however, I can’t always afford j.crew, which means I created my own pencil skirt

this skirt is made from a bottomweight stretchy cotton denim-like material that I originally bought to make a military-esque jacket. but recently I just really wanted a pencil skirt in a non-black color and I’m currently trying to make it through my stash of fabrics and not buy new material….

The skirt is fully lined and has a great metal zipper (rescued from my Metropolis project) in the back. You can’t see it, but the zipper stops at the curved yoke in the back and there are two pleats in the back similar to the ones in the front.

funny story about those pleats – they were not in the original design. I originally just wanted as smooth, fitted pencil skirt with a wide curved waistband, but when I put it on for the first time (of course I didn’t mock it up first!) it was HUGE. larger than I expected. Apparently, either from biking 9 miles almost everyday or from the stress of grad school, I’ve lost two inches from my hips….which doesn’t sound like a lot, but my whole pattern block is wrong now and I’ve either got to cut it down or always shrink each pattern accordingly….oh well. I was able to rescue this skirt by adding the pleats!!


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