rainwear {for men}

usually I don’t think about menswear too frequently, mainly because a) I’m single, b) have no brothers and c) most of my guy friends have a pretty great sense of style.

But as the last week has been rain, rain, rain and more rain in Seattle, rain gear has been on my mind. Every time I go splashing along through puddles in my fantastic rainboots, wearing my trench-style raincoat and toting my waterproof pannier, I look around and am dismayed to see all the guys around me with soaking wet shoes, jackets and backpacks.

so, if you (or someone you know) is in need of some rain gear, check these out:

{and check out this fantastic blog from some Midwest guys for inspiration!}

yes, these are Sorel winter boots. but j.crew convinced the company to reissue this particular color combo and I think they are just fantastic. pair them with a tucked-in dark skinny-cut jean or wear your boot-cut jeans over it, they’ll keep your socks nice and dry.

on the other end, these won’t keep the deep puddles out, but they’re pretty low-profile and will keep your socks dry ūüôā

Sperry Top-Sider Rubber Slip On in Navy; $60.

j.crew’s¬†Chippewa boot – this is one that would look nice under jeans, khakis and maybe even nice slacks. The oiled leather shoe will keep all the water out without looking like a rubber boot!

for the biker, this new Levi Commuter jean might be of interest:


they’re water resistant, antimicrobrial, have reflective tape on the seams (when you cuff them, you can see it), have a slot on the waistband for your u-lock, a bit of¬†stretch¬†through the material and reinforced the high-stress seams! (okay, so maybe this is one just for cyclist who rides in the rain….) they come in both a dark wash jean and a khaki material, both in the skinnier 511 cut.

also for the cycling¬†enthusiast¬†– here is a bag made from recycled¬†inner tubes! while not the most waterproof construction, between the materials and flap construction, it does keep a bunch of the water out. Bonus – the company, Alchemy Goods, designs and constructs their bags right here in Seattle! All the bags and accessories have names from places in Seattle ūüôā

for a jacket, rain shells are just the best. they’ll go over any existing jacket/sweater/sweatshirt, keep you dry, don’t weigh but an few ounces, and dry super fast. a good hood is essential in Seattle, because, really, only tourists use umbrellas….

NorthFace Venture¬†jacket – only $99. I have the female version of this jacket and it works well. It’s not terribly warm because it’s a shell, but it goes easily over my UW fleece and keeps the rain out!

this is NorthFace’s Glitchin Down¬†jacket, more expensive, but also probably warmer on it’s own because it has down in it. Personally, I love the red/black color combo and the off-center zipper.

and to keep your ear’s toasty warm under your rainproof hood, pick up one of these Krochet Kid’s beanies:

{I mean, you can’t be a real¬†Seattleite¬†without a little hipster in your outfit, right?}


okay – this one is way out of reasonable price ranges, but can you believe that this incredible jacket is rainproof?

{j.crew¬†Nanamica¬ģ field jacket; $1,180}

{confession: I love J.Crew. If I met a guy who dressed out of a J.Crew¬†catalogue, loved Jesus, and was 6’3″ or taller, I’d date him, no questions asked…. :)}


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