Knitted Norwegian Roots

Most of the people who read this blog probably know that my love language is ‘gifts,’ both given and received (I’m slowly turning into a time spent person, but not that quickly…) For me, the time I invest in finding or, more likely, making you a gift is spent reflecting our relationship and how much you (hopefully) will enjoy your gift. I’m pretty sure my gift-making tendencies are thanks to my craftsy mother who still makes me awesome homemade gifts, most recently a boyfriend blazer and Olivia the Pig quilt!

Anyways, with Christmas coming up soon, I have a small confession to make: I’ve always wanted to date someone someone around the holidays just for an excuse to knit menswear. Yep. You heard me right. Knitting.

(I’ve had this book in my amazon ‘saved items’ for about 4+ years now…)

mostly, I really want to make an awesome men’s Norwegian sweater. Preferably one that will coordinate with one I will make for myself. Sure, I can just make for myself or a family member, but it’s just not the same, you know?

Dale of Norway sweater = incredible, but waaaay too expensive. thus, I’m going to make one!

probably not this one though, can’t handle the matching sweater, gloves and knee socks…I don’t understand the plethora of men’s knee socks that are apparently worn over jeans in the scandinavian knitted garment subculture…maybe I’ll understand after traveling to Sweden/Norway in a summer or two.

rest assured, it will be a quarter zip sweater and probably a bit slim cut. None of this way-super-oversized sweater business. or really crazy busy patterns. I’m not that Norwegian 🙂

and then, one day I can knit coordinating sweaters for my whole family!

(isn’t that little girl just the cutest?!)

Or, I could just start knitting a sweater now and then date whomever it fits….


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