{nostalgia} and fashion

I’m back home for week before heading back to grad school and I found a few old pictures. While a majority of the photos were taken at various events where I’m sure my mother chose what outfit I wore, there were a few pictures that displayed my favorite garments.

I apparently really liked the color magenta pink and I lived in leggings and turtlenecks. It was the 90’s after all….

(I still can’t really keep my eyes open in the sunshine)

so. much. pink.

I also used skirts in non-traditional fashion (as I do now, but generally only as dresses)

My love of dressing up started many years ago, where I even wore non-seasonal costumes:

Jasmine one year and my favorite swim suit the year before at the annual gingerbread house party πŸ™‚

but I did learn to bike early in a skirt:

unfortunately, my dressing skills did not improve much through high school….

(plaid pants, really? and yes, that is a chicken. Her name was Henny Penny)

College, however, was good for me. I think I can now dress myself fairly well πŸ™‚


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