leaves, sketches, dresses

recently, my roommate posted a collection of sketches based on leaves. The artist, the sketching backpacker, gracefully incorporates minimalist inkings to create elegant art similar to fashion illustrations. and since they reminded me of fashion, I found inspirational garments to go along with some of the sketches. You should, however, check out the artist’s whole tumblr – all the images are lovely.

{it’s all about shapes and impressions}

(Alexander McQueen PreFall 2012)

(via the glamourai)

(Christian Dior PreFall 2012)

(via the glamourai)

(via Dirty Hair Halo)

(via The Sartorialist {plus her name is Olivia!})

I dream of the day I can look fashionable and ride my bike…right now though, I like sprinting with my road bike way more than fashionably riding around town….

and finally, one of my favorites:

love this whole JCrew campaign with Russian ballerinas (except for the kind of random moments when you can clearly tell that the ballerinas are not print models….) Click the link above for more pictures!


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