One of my favorite classes during my undergrad was my ‘Fashion Illustration’ course. Not only did we have a fantastic prof, it allowed me to develop half-way decent illustration skills. Granted, all I can now illustrate are non-realistic fashion figures, but they are significantly better than they used to be!

The following are a few illustrations for a project based on the movie ‘Black Swan,’ for a different fashion class. It was pretty fun flexing my illustration skills outside the illustration class and then creating all the technical packs for these garments – I’ve basically done everything but actually make the garments!

aether }

The dress has a belt that is covered in smooth black feathers and is held together with a silver swan clasp. The over dress is made of a fine tulle and the underdress from a jersey material.

croque tux }

These garments are inspired by a traditional tuxedo. The lapels and stripe down the pants are covered in smooth black feathers. The garment is fitted throughout, including a close-fitting pant.

*the coloring is a bit off on some of the skin tones, but that’s something I’m currently working on with dear photoshop 🙂


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