{ {LOVE} } dress

Recently I’ve loved the asymmetrical hemline and especially enjoyed pictures of the LOVE Aubergine Asymmetrical Maxi Dress, but not the price tag. Knowing that it would be fairly easy to make my own version, the most challenging part of this garment was determining what type of fabric to purchase. I wanted something drapey and partially transparent, to get the total effect of the LOVE dress. While I originally wanted a jewel-toned dress, the local fabric store did not have any good options – the chiffons were either fairly opaque or pretty stiff.

At last I found this crinkle black chiffon that was translucent enough and an interesting texture. 4 yds later and some creative pattern placement, I finished the garment.

Featuring a scoop front next, and v-back, the dress does not have any zippers, just an elasticized waistband. The skirt goes from ~20 inches in the front to 44″ in the back. It’s so long that I can’t really wear flats with it!

The skirt also took forever and a day to hem – I chose to clean finish the hem ( and all the openings, actually) by folding the chiffon under twice and stitching it down.

I love the final garment! It is going to be so fun to wear when the weather gets nice out again. For this shoot I wore it with a leotard and spandex shorts underneath, which is probably what I’ll have to wear in the future, but I might switch it up with something colored underneath!

all photos by Taylor Burgoyne }

This dress was also published under {ballerina project} – click for more pictures!


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