{ Locavore }

Recently, I was invited to participate in an collaborative art event called Locavore, hosted by the Kirkland Art Center. I was paired with a non-fashion artist who was a member of the KAC and together we were tasked of creating a garment that reflected our unique design aesthetics. The catch – we had to use a dropcloth from Home Depot to create the garment. Here is what we created:

My model, Gabby, was an absolute dream to work with. I loved the strength in her body position and face whenever she was wearing this garment – she really fit the garment, in so many ways!

I love that in this black and white image you can really see the texture that the cutout work created in this garment.

We didn’t get any real great shots of the back, but here is one I took with my phone, just so you can see what it looked like:

All the photos except that last one are courtesy ofRachel Sumner.


8 thoughts on “{ Locavore }

  1. Anthropologie needs to buy this! …and then I will buy it as well 🙂
    Amazing work Olivia!

  2. Olivia, this is AMAZING. I’m bragging about you right now to the other PCVs. Also the pictures are just stunning. Love it!

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