1, 2, 3, Clutch!

For the Kirkland Art Center’s event, Locavore, I made the dress featured on my previous post. However, since neither I nor the artist could wear the dress, I used the left over fabric to create some envelope clutches!

The painting fabric had regions of both greens/browns and blues/oranges, so I selectively cut out the material to utilize the different areas. I used the dropcloth material for the top envelop flap, as well as the back and interior (not pictured).

This is my clutch:

and this is for the artist collaborator – I was even able to work in her signature into the clutch!

usually I’m not big into making things with lots of straight, precise lines – but these clutches were just so satisfying to make! Below is a how-to for the clutch, so check that out if you want to create your own! They take me right around an hour to make, start to finish, now that I have a pattern all figured out.

Click on the image to see it enlarged.

{note: the photo pictures are a bit warm in tone, but the colors of the clutches are pretty true, so I didn’t mess with them in photoshop.}


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