{watch} transformation

This one is not so much a sewing project, as a DIY I spied on another blog and wanted to give a try. I really liked the idea behind A Pair and a Spare’s DIY Leopard Print Scarf Watch, but alas, I had no watches that I would be willing to take the band off from. I also didn’t want to just go buy a watch, as this was not something I’d probably wear everyday – I have a super simple solar-powered watch that I utilize for the day-to-day. But, as I was leaving the Locavore event, the organizer stopped me and said, ‘here! want a watch for your boyfriend?’ Though she just assumed I was dating someone (I’m not), I said, ‘Sure!’ because I thought this watch had potential for this project. If it didn’t work, oh well, it could be a white elephant gift 🙂

Originally, this watch had a rubber / silicone band that kind of looked like tire tread. Not all that attractive, as the organizer had mentioned when she gave me the watch:

See? Doesn’t that look like tire tread? The face is not bad at all, I like the two tones in the metals. 

It was kind of tricky to get the face disconnected from the bands, however a sharp pair of scissors clipping away at the band around where it connected to the face did the trick.

I borrowed one of my roommates pretty scarves to try it out – the copper/gold tones of the accents worked well with the colors found in the scarf.

also, it is incredibly awkward trying to take pictures of your own arm with a 50mm lens.

I love how versatile the watch can be – I can change the fabric to fit whatever mood I’m in or outfit I’m wearing!


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