{Alnair} – one for the guys!

One more addition to my galaxy garments line – a bow tie for all the gentlemen out there with a quirky sense of style!

You should have seen us trying to tie these bow ties in the Fremont Library. I’m sure the librarian guy thought we were really weird – huddled in the sci-fi corner, stifling laughter as we failed time and time again to tie these! But then again, he was dressed in a black t-shirt and black utilikilt, so maybe he just wanted a bow tie for himself!

And the guy at the Stalin statue definitely didn’t understand what we were doing – talking Paseos sandwiches as I pinned the bow tie together in the back, but maybe he just chalked it up to us being a couple of unusual Fremont Seattlites.

We had to stop for a picture outside of Michael’s favorite local coffee shop, Milstead & Co. We almost were run over by the hordes of geocaching families swaming the area all day…but that’s just another day in the neighborhood!

Finally, please enjoy this gem I found on the internet in an attempt to learn to tie a bow tie: Tie a Bow Tie with Bill Nye and Chris Hardwick – Bow Tie Tutorial
{If you’d like to own this bow tie – click here!}


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