a moment in fashion: safety first

Apparently, there was a moment in fashion last fall when Michael Kors sent down models in safety glasses:

They even came in colored varieties:

Just in case you can’t see these most awesome accessories in the above images:

Which, as you might not know from the tone of this blog, is an accessory I usually sport on a daily basis, being a scientist and all:

oh yeah, look at those awesome glasses

totes fashionable, yeah?

So glad to know that fashion has finally recognized the beauty in protecting one’s eyes at all times! You just never know when a rock might fling up under a passing motorist’s tire and aim right for your eyes! Or a flying bug might aim right for your lovely eyelashes! And you never know when you may run into a door, or doorframe, when distracted by instagramming your fantastic new accessory while walking briskly!

Safety first!


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