a cape for NYC

I had mentioned more than once to my mom that I was on the look out for a good cape to purchase or make. Though it may sound kind of strange to you that I want one (my sister envisioned this), I think capes are an interesting garment.


I had previously found a promising pattern on Burdastyle  for a cape, but finding a good fabric was tricky.  After searching online and in all sorts of stores for fabric with this cape as my reference (I really love pendleton wool but it is way too pricey for me), my mom and I found this strong print in a tiny fabric store in my hometown that wasn’t even technically open when we visited. My mom knows the owner and she graciously opened the store for us to look at her wool fabrics.


This coat is fantastically warm and holds up well thanks to my mom’s excellent construction skills (she is much better a sewing than I am!). The only thing neither of us were ever all the way happy with was the hood. We tried to fix it, but I had only drafted one hood previously, so I don’t yet have the skills to mess too much with this pre-made hood pattern. I probably won’t really ever wear it with the hood up, but I do like the way it looks hanging down.

Overall though, a really lovely Christmas gift that I was able to use while running around NYC over New Year’s and one that I will get lots of use out of in the future. Thanks, Mom!

all pictures by the lovely Stephanie Rubesh.


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