I took a Swedish language course for 5 weeks last summer. Besides learning to say ‘ja!’ a lot, I learned that the swedes love to squish smaller words together to create one long descriptive word. The name of this dress follows in that tradition, renblå, meaning ‘sheer blue’. This dress is technically a ‘mock up’ – or a garment that I created to test a new pattern. Since I had to buy fabric anyway, I decided to make the garment in a blue color instead of in the traditional muslin. Muslin is so expensive anyways that this was almost the same price and it utilizes the same fabrics as the dresses I sell in my shop.

The one thing that surprised me after viewing all these pictures was how much larger my arms look. I knew that my new rock climbing hobby (~ 2 yrs now) would change my arms, but I didn’t realize how much they have changed! Sorry, this is the best photo I could find to compare.

My lovely roommate, Steph, snapped these photos of me in my garment. She loves to photograph many subjects and is chronicling her adventures this year over on her blog.


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