Two-Color Brioche Twist Scarf

I ‘gave’ my sister a scarf last year for Christmas and it only took me 11 months to get it done… I’m still on a brioche knitting kick and I wanted to make this brioche scarf I found on The Purl Bee. I loved the colors they used (esp the bright green yellow color!) but my sister decided that she wanted a black and white version to fit with more of her wardrobe.

The brioche scarf is reversible, however, I had trouble finishing the scarf without an ugly white line when I switched from the brioche to the stockinette stitch border. (Also please ignore the wiggly columns of color – I didn’t have a chance to block this scarf. Always block your wool knitting items if you can!)

The other funny part about this scarf is that I unintentionally twisted it. I didn’t exactly follow the directions once I got started – I just kind of went along each row feeling out the stitches. I discovered as I knitted that I always seemed to switch colors one stitch before I switched previously. I still don’t know exactly what to do besides what I did in knitting this, but the color columns stayed correct, just twisted slightly around the circle.

Regardless, it’s a warm scarf that hopefully she’ll enjoy! I highly recommend reading the Purl Bee’s directions, so I’m not going to give a pattern here, but I did end up making this on size 6 needles with two skeins of Cascade Yarn’s 220 Superwash Wool, if you’re wondering 🙂


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