Kittens on my toes

It’s no secret that I love cats. Like, a lot. So, when I saw these shoes floating around the internet, I totes wanted wanted a pair:

But yikes, since I don’t have TSwift’s bank account, there’s now way I could afford a pair at ~$700! (Charlotte Olympia now also produces vampire kitten shoes and pink rubber kitten shoes, among other versions)  I was poking around the internet, looking for an alternative, and found many blogs with great ideas, but I didn’t have all the supplies they suggested (puffy paint, extra leather, paint pens, etc), so I made up my own version!

Aren’t they so cute?!!

I  painted the heel gold to finish the shoes off

The shoes themselves are really easy to make! All you need is the following: paper scissors, fabric scissors (optional), gold paint, paint brush, pen (I used a sharpie), a black sharpie, and a pair of shoes! Mine came from Target and cost a grand total of $20. I used the suede style shoes, but pretty much any loafer would work.

Making the shoes is pretty straightforward. I had to cut some trim off my shoes (Target didn’t have just plain loafers at the time) first, but then the next step is to trim down the loafer part to cut the kitty ears. I suggest cutting them a bit larger than you think you’d like them, as you can always trim down more later, but you can’t put it back!


Next, using some paper and your pen, draw out the eye and nose shapes and cut them out. I had to try a few sizes to find some that looked nice and proportional. After placing them where you want them, hold each one gently and then using a thin brush and your paint, make dashes around the eye and nose shapes.

Finally, paint in the ear triangles, the nose and the eyes; add whiskers and a mouth (I made mine look like stitches); and paint the edges of the heel. I also used my black sharpie to color the edge of the loafer where I cut it for the ears (you can see that it is beige in some of the earlier photos), making the line less abrupt and the lack of piping along there less noticeable.

And that’s it! Pretty easy! And for $20 + supplies I found in the closet, that a much better deal than purchasing them online! What do you think, are they too crazy cat lady for someone who doesn’t even have a cat yet?


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