hats and mittens and scarves, oh my!

The snow fell and stayed in Seattle for a brief ~20 hours (thank goodness it happened on a weekend!) and instead of curling up with a cup of tea in our nice, warm home, my roommate and I ventured just outside to enjoy the last bits of the snow. I can’t believe that this is really the first time I saw snow this year – in February! – as my hometown saw a brown, muddy Christmas and my family vacation to Leavenworth was marked by bitter cold winds and icy streets from the melting snow.

Regardless of whether there is snow on the ground or just rain misting a grey Seattle afternoon, I wear my hand-knit scarves, hats, headbands, and mittens almost every day during the fall, winter and spring (And sometimes the summer in Santa Cruz…). Knitting gives my hands something to do when watching movies or TV and is basically the only thing I can do on the bus without feeling ill. To avoid a post a billion pixels long, I’m breaking up all the pictures into a few posts; last count, I was at 12+ knitted things, which would make for one long post!

One of my more recent creations is a this lovely purple hat, made from Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn in the color ‘Clemantis.’ While wandering down the main street of Half Moon Bay, CA last summer, I came across this yarn in a local shop and couldn’t say no to getting one skein. I wanted at least three colors, but decided that I since I lost a purple headband last year, I could replace it with this color. Probably the most I’ve spent on one skein, but when it contains silk and cashmere, it is pretty much the softest thing ever!

It’s a simple reverse stockinette stitch hat that I loosely based on the Rikke Hat over at Happy Knits, but since I was trying to not buy new needles, I modified the pattern, working it flat (not in the round) and with a single size needles, imitating the change you’d get going to a larger needle by adding about 12 stitches to the pattern about 2″ up the hat.


You could easily knit a regular stockinette hat in the round, flip it inside out and voila! You get this purple knit hat 🙂

From the other side of the color spectrum comes this vibrant green ‘braided’ headband, made from a worsted weight yarn (the name of which I don’t remember). I say ‘braided’ because technically, this headband is knotted. I used one really long piece of k2p2 ribbed yarn (begin and end with a knit pair each row if you want to make it yourself) and wove it together, seaming it all with a single seam!

Previously, I’d made a headband from three separate strands, but this was a much easier way to make the braid and it lays flatter against your head.

Many thanks to Stephanie Rubesh, who took all the photos of me!


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