textured neutrals

I love making knitted headbands. Headbands are quick and easy, allowing a knitter to explore a new stitch while making something useful and not spending hours on something you may not love. There are no complicated decrease patterns, nor do they require many skeins of yarn. I have quite a few in my stash and but these two, modeled by my lovely roommate, are two of my go-to daily headbands.

The first is a creamy faux-turban headband, working in the softest yarn. I used the seed stitch for this headband, but worked it it the short way across the headband. This meant I had to turn my work more often, but I like the horizontal lines running through headband that you get when made this way, not in the round.

To both hide the seam and give the headband the faux-turban look, I scrunched the seam with a piece of yarn and then knitted the little band to go around that area. Some times the band likes to slide around, but it doesn’t get too far. To me, this one looks almost like a faux-bow when you wear it slightly off-center, but that was not intentional 🙂

This second headband is pretty plain, but involves an strong ‘star’ textured print. (Get the stitch pattern here!) It involved my first pearl 3 together stitches ever to get the look and I love the look of diagonals created by the patterns.

Thanks to my lovely roommate for moving out from behind the camera and showing off these headbands!


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