WAHOOOO!!! The day is finally here!!!! Prospect, the short film I made costumes for last year, finally premiered at SXSW today!!!! Ahhhh!!!! (If you are in Austin, click here for screening details, it has 3 screenings left!) I both hope people notice and don’t want people to notice the costumes. I think if I did my job right, the costumes will fit it and seem natural for the environment and the characters. But, it’d be lovely if I got any positive feedback, though I doubt that will happen. Costumes are not usually reviewed on this sort of thing.

And now, here is fair warning – if you don’t want any spoilers at all regarding this short film, don’t scroll down any further until you’ve seen the film. After SXSW, SHEP plans on releasing the film online, but I don’t know when that will be. I won’t mention any story lines, but you will get a glance at the costumes below!

I won’t spend any time on Callie Harlow’s costume, as I did write a whole blog post before about her blue suit 🙂 But please, enjoy some of the incredible pictures from the on-location filming:


I will mention that the filmmakers did decide to add a rubbery resin-like substance to the bias binding on her suit, making it look a little bit more worn-in and like she’d spent time in her environment.


The first costume I worked on after the test shot October of 2012 was the father’s, for a character played by Tony Doupe. (There is a third character I worked on, but his costume details are under wraps until the film comes out online.) The idea was for his suit to look decidedly different, but still within the same family as Callie’s. We achieved this by going with a different color ripstop nylon, changing where the bias binding when on the suit, and switching up the zipper placement.

I must have swatched every available gray ripstop nylon in both Seattle and online before we finally decided on a lighter gray fabric that was impregnated with silicone. The silicone aided in keeping the suit water resistant, but it probably made it harder to dirty the suit before the shoot started! (I didn’t age the suit, I sent it off nice and clean 🙂 ) To get a more synthetic look for the binding than what we could achieve with pre-made cotton binding strips, I made bias strips for the first time out of some synthetic material. I’m not sure what it was made from, but it was very white, fairly tightly woven, and acted very plastic-y. I was terrified of melting it with my iron, but fortunately that did not happen!


Tony’s suit is actually the first garment I’ve ever made for a guy, and I was surprised as to how much his body shape differed from a female’s shape. I kept thinking something was wrong with my pattern because it looked off, but the measurements didn’t lie and the suit fit well.

This picture ^ is the best representation of the actual gray color of the suit. The nylon was actually much more sheer than the fabric for Callie’s suit, which made for some interesting design details on the pockets where the fabric doubled up. I was already lining the whole suit with cotton, so we didn’t have any worries of it being too sheer!

And finally, here is one of my favorite pictures:

Also, in case you missed it, here is the trailer:

Prospect (Trailer) from Shep Films on Vimeo.

All pictures courtesy of SHEP Films and most taken by Nate Rodgers


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