{ Tamar }

Let me introduce to you to Tamar: she put up with me accidentally calling her Tamara for the first few weeks of knowing her (it’s my mom’s name, so maybe understandable?), she is a pretty darn intelligent engineer who works on things relating to airplane bathrooms (who knew that was a thing people did research on?!), and has two cute cats. Oh, and she married Brian this January, which is why this post exists 🙂

We began to brainstorm her dress many months before the wedding, but true to form, I finished the dress just 6 hours before she left on a plane to New Mexico for the ceremony!


The skirt and sash were pretty straightforward and finalized early on (I used the same silk crepe de chine, chiffon, and pattern for the skirt as used in Stephanie’s dress), but the top is self drafted and took some figuring out. We went back and forth with should we do lace? gathered chiffon? just the underdress? We finally decided on a lace look, but then we had to find the lace – Seattle is not known for its fabric selections, but fortunately Pacific Fabrics has a lovely selection of laces in their special occasions room at the Northgate store. (Also shout out to Nancy’s ribbon room which is THE place to get ribbons if you’re in Seattle!) We selected a love corded lace that has a tiny bit of shine with a thin thread of silver that is sew around all the edges. Now, I had never worked with  lace that was this expensive and this nice, but thankfully the internet and books like Bridal Couture exist with lots of helpful tips and tricks. Through this I learned that you generally cut out the back of the darts and use the lace overlap to hide the bust darts, which is a pretty neat trick. Because the lace we selected had fairly spaced out flower motifs, I decided to hand cut out the motifs and appliqué them to a netting underneath. I had never done something like this and severly underestimated how much time it would take – I think I spent close to 36 hours cutting and applying the lace? I also decided to use ‘invisible’ thread so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the stitches showing, but basically invisible thread is just really fine fishing wire. It was a learning process to figure out how to secure the lace to the netting with the thread! I’m probably one of the few people who cuts and sews lace while watching the Seahawks play…



The other new technique on this dress was the row of buttons going down the back of the lace. I love the look and fortunately Pacific Fabrics came through again with both covered buttons in a shade that went with the lace and pre-made elastic button loops. After sewing on ~ 25 buttons, I was so happy to not have to sew on individual loops of elastic for the closure!


My other favorite part about Tamar’s outfit was her veil. She knew she wanted a drop a veil (I didn’t know what that was a first!) but not how long. I purchased 2.5 yds of a netting with a lovely drape, thinking we’d cut it down. While I did round the corners to make it more oval in shape, I found out afterwards that she ended up not shortening it like we originally planned and I must say that I love it in the longer length. She wore it with a beautiful silk crown that she found at a local Seattle Sunday market.


Below are a few more photos of Tamar in her dress – she mentioned to me that she didn’t want to get the dress dirty before the ceremony, so she’s holding the train up in some of the pictures 🙂

Sisneros_0061 Sisneros_0058

Sisneros_0078 Sisneros_0073

All photos courtesy of Seasons Sharp Photography!


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