Gold Dress for a Golden Birthday

In 2014 my golden birthday arrived, as I turned 25 on May 25th. I decided to actually have a party that year and to go all out with the gold them. (Normally my friends and I do cupcakes; love that Dance Party with Holly Hobby at Cupcake Royale!) I spray painted things gold, my roommate made gold origami cranes and tassels, I even sprayed gold onto the cupcakes and various other food items! I also wanted to make a gold dress to wear, which in true Olivia fashion, was not complete until after guests started arriving. Technically though I actually only got the skirt done….

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.23.17 PM

But I did get the whole outfit done for my roommate’s wedding later that year:

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.23.32 PM

Recently, Stephanie and I got a chance to snap some pictures in the Volunteer Park Conservatory (I had never been!) and OH MY GOODNESS some of my favorite garment photos EVER. Huge thanks to Kali for making the headpiece I am wearing!




A few notes about the actual garments: I was/am very into the crop top and skirt look and thus came up with this design. I actually modified two commercial patterns for this, as I didn’t have time to really develop them from scratch (sleeves are hard!). The gold fabric I found on Etsy FOR ONLY $15 FOR 1.75 YARDS! When I took it to the fancy sewing shop up the street to pick out my lining color, the woman working the ribbon room counter kept exclaiming over how beautiful and probably antique the fabric is – I have no verification of her claim, but I will say that I haven’t seen anything like it ever. I went with teal lining and a teal grosgrain ribbon to finish the waist band. As you can see in some pictures, there is a lightening of sequins around the darts and zipper. I discovered that you are supposed to clear the seam spots of sequins so that you don’t run over them and hurt your machine. You’re supposed to sew them back on afterwards to make everything blend. (lol that is never going to happen) I very diligently removed them on the skirt, but discovered as I was sewing that my machine could punch right through the sequins, so I quit taking sequins off when I got to the top. All of the hems are finished with lace hem tape, which was a first for me. As you can notice in some of the photos, the skirt kinda wrinkles near the hemline….this is because I didn’t have my mom around to pin the hem and doing it yourself is not the best route, but I was in a rush! I had a party to host! The sequins are heavy enough that they pool at the bottom after time. I so rarely wear this that I will likely not go back and re-hem the skirt.


A pro-tip for the top: your underbust circumference is probably going to be the smallest in the top, which means you should probably put your zipper in upside down. Literally the whole top gets bigger from there, which since I put my zipper in the regular way, means this top is very tricky to get into and out of…

This is probably one of my favorite recent projects and I am in love with Stephanie’s photos, so I am going to stop typing and just post more to enjoy 🙂






yes I bought these shoes just for this garment. they are sooooo coooooool!!!!!

It was very, very hard to pare down the hundreds of photos to just these few – THANK YOU STEPHANIE!! (really though, you should have her take your pictures) For more of/ larger versions of these garments, swing on over to my flickr page.



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